What is omega engineering?

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Omega Engineering The primary production facility for the American instrumentation business OMEGA Engineering is located in Bridgeport, New Jersey, but the company’s headquarters are located in Norwalk, Connecticut. It has sales offices in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, China, Brazil, Singapore, Korea, Japan, and Mexico.

Life at Omega Engineering


Does Omega do custom engineering?
OMEGA is the only company in the process measurement and control sector that offers capabilities for custom engineering that are both the most advanced and extensive. Our philosophy of being driven entirely by the needs of our patrons is bolstered and expanded by our capacity to develop items on a customized basis.

Where is OMEGA Engineering’s headquarters?
The address of the Omega Engineering headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut, is 800 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 5N01, Norwalk, Connecticut 06854, United States of America.

What is OMEGA Engineering doing about RoHS2?
As an environmentally conscientious company, OMEGA Engineering, Inc. is dedicated to complying with the RoHS2 directive. As part of this commitment, the company monitors its extensive product lines of temperature, pressure, flow, pH, heater, and data collection devices in a conscientious and consistent manner.

Is OMEGA Engineering an equal opportunity employer?
Equal Opportunity Omega Engineering is an equal opportunity employer for men and women, veterans, people with disabilities, homosexuals, and transgender people. Applicants are respectfully requested by Omega Engineering, Inc., an ethical employer, to refrain from disclosing any private information about other businesses, including their present company, while they are being interviewed for a position with us. This request is made in light of the fact that Omega Engineering, Inc. is an ethical employer.

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Where are Omega products made?
The principal factory of the American instrument maker OMEGA Engineering is located in Bridgeport, New Jersey, while the company’s headquarters are located in Norwalk, Connecticut. It has a sales office in each of the following countries: Mexico, Singapore, Korea, Japan, China, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany. In addition, customers in France, Spain, and Italy have access to their respective country’s regional website.

What happened to Omega Engineering?
After Betty Hollander’s passing in April of 2011, her husband, Milton Hollander, became the new proprietor of the company. Later on in same year, Milton Hollander made a profit of $475 million by selling OMEGA Engineering to the British business Spectris Ltd. Then, in March of 2017, Spectris was forced to declare a £115 million impairment charge related to the earlier deal.

What is the history of Omega?
In 1962, Betty Hollander launched the company while she was at home raising her four children at the table in the kitchen. OMEGA started out as a manufacturer of thermocouples before later branching out into other types of equipment. Today, OMEGA manufactures and sells equipment that can measure a wide range of parameters, from pH to temperature.

What is OMEGA Engineering’s Revenue?
OMEGA Engineering brings in a total of $168 million in income per year. After doing extensive research and analysis, the data science team at Zippia came up with the following significant financial KPIs. OMEGA Engineering has a staff size of 700, resulting in a revenue per employee ratio of $240,000.

Is Omega Engineering still in business?
OMEGA has business with a variety of commercial organizations, including NASA and the United States Navy. Since 2011, the company Spectris plc, which is headquartered in the United Kingdom, has owned OMEGA.

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How many employees does Omega Engineering have?
OMEGA Engineering has a staff size of 700, resulting in a revenue per employee ratio of $240,000. In 2021, OMEGA Engineering’s revenue reached its all-time high of $168.0 million.

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