What is Automotive Engineering?

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The field of vehicle engineering known as automotive engineering focuses on the development, design, and production of a wide variety of vehicles. Automotive engineering is a subfield of vehicle engineering. In the discipline of automotive engineering, the use of mathematics in the planning and execution of car manufacture is an integral part of the process.

What is Automotive Engineering?


What is the study of automotive engineering?
Automotive engineering is the study of designing, developing, fabricating, and testing cars or vehicle components from the stage of idea development all the way through the stage of manufacturing. In this industry, the three most important functions are production, research and development, and manufacturing.

What is the difference between automobile and automotive engineering?
Both automotive engineering and automobile are subfields of mechanical engineering that deal with motor vehicles. Automotive engineering is concerned with all aspects of the creation of a vehicle, beginning with its design and continuing with its manufacture and maintenance. The creation of vehicles is the focus of the field of automobile engineering. Both of them are quite close to being equivalent to one another in terms of the degrees they confer.

Is automotive engineering hard?
Automotive Engineering at BEng level is an extremely demanding degree, like all engineering degrees. At the BSc level, it is less tough since there is less emphasis placed on math and physics, but the BEng would be more gratifying for you, and it would provide you with greater opportunities once you graduate.

Which subjects are required to study automotive engineering?
The length of time required to earn a degree in automobile engineering is four years. Students who are interested in enrolling in this programme should have a science background (PCM) and should have passed their 10+2 or any equivalent exam from CBSE or another recognised board. Additionally, they should have had a primary focus on the subjects of chemistry, physics, and mathematics in their previous academic work.

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Does automotive engineering require math?
Another one of the crucial talents necessary for positions in the automotive engineering industry is a strong mathematical background. For example, they employ mathematics to determine the stresses that need to be endured by power trains and other components of the vehicle.

How long is automotive engineering course?
Learners who enrol in this on-campus class that lasts for eighteen months and covers important concepts for applying safe working practises to car repair will get these teachings. You will be provided with the direction and instruction of industry professionals, who will show you how to install, repair, adjust, and maintain automobiles in a competent manner.

Why should I study automotive engineering?
Universities put in a lot of work to equip students with the skills they need to compete in the race of scientific research, innovation, and development, which is currently experiencing a great acceleration. This is perhaps one of the most distinguishing features of the study of automotive engineering, and it is certainly one of the most important reasons why students choose to major in this field.

Is an automotive engineer a good job?
The field of automotive engineering is consistently ranked as one of the most stimulating, difficult, and lucrative jobs. When a client drives away in a brand-new car, they are taking with them the technical competence of a number of engineers, but in especially the automotive engineer. This happens every time a customer purchases a vehicle from a dealership.

What does an automotive engineer do?
Automotive engineers are hired by companies that produce automobiles and trucks, as well as companies that supply components, to design and construct complete vehicles, as well as specific parts and systems. They may work on the design of the vehicle’s engine, aerodynamics, performance and fuel efficiency, safety features, ergonomics, and other aspects, among other things.

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Do automotive engineers fix cars?
Automotive engineers are a subset of mechanical engineers who labour in the background to generate ideas for new car technology and to enhance existing vehicle components. Instead, mechanics use their hands to conduct repairs on clients’ automobiles at auto shops and businesses. These services can be purchased by customers.

Where can an automotive engineer work?
Companies that specialise in car design and manufacturing are two examples of typical employers of automotive engineers.
laboratory dedicated to research and testing.
teams competing in motor sports
oil and gasoline firms. suppliers.

Do automotive engineers design cars?
The design and testing of numerous components of automobiles, such as those pertaining to fuel technology and safety systems, are two of the most common tasks of an automotive engineer. They may also come up with new car models or vehicle systems and design them utilising engineer design software such as ThinkDesign Engineering. This might be done.

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