How to become an auto body technician ?

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1.You require a high school education or a GED certificate to work in the auto body repair industry as a technician or technician working on vehicle bodies.
2.Although an associate’s degree in automotive technology is required for some occupations, the majority of opportunities for auto body technicians just require a certificate from an accredited trade school.

Become An Auto Body Tech?

Want to Become a Auto Body Technician?


Is being an auto body tech worth it?
A job in collision repair may be quite satisfying for someone who enjoys working with their hands and is interested in the automotive industry. Vehicles that have been in any kind of accident or collision can be in a serious state of disrepair and require the skilled hands of a professional who works in a body shop that specializes in collision repair.

What are the duties of a auto body technician?
They are capable of doing a variety of repairs, from hammering out tiny dents and replacing windshields to completely rebuilding vehicles and applying new paint. When they are not fixing the damage caused by collisions, technicians work on body customisation or other minor repairs, such as buffing off scratches or refurbishing the damage caused by rust.

What skills do you need to be a auto body technician?
Collision Repair, Electricity, Customer Service, Detail Orientation, Welding, and English Speaking are some of the most prevalent vital abilities that businesses look for in prospective employees.

Is auto body a stressful job?
The stress factor mentioned by another reviewer depends on the shop itself, however this is a really difficult task. Some stores are fairly relaxed back and just continue on day to day; other shops, especially disorganized busy shops, may be pandemonium with frequent deadlines hanging over your head; however, all of this is determined by the management of the shop.

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How much do auto body technicians make Reddit?
After doing some research on it, I discovered that the majority of shops want you to have five years of experience or begin working for $9–$12 an hour. Or, if you go to school, they will pay you $14 an hour when you complete the requirements.

What does an auto body man do?
Vehicle bodywork and frames can be restored, refinished, and even replaced by professionals that specialize in auto body repair. They examine the frames of vehicles for any signs of structural damage and determine whether or not damaged components such as windshields, doors, tires, or the body of the vehicle can be repaired. They spend most of their time working inside, typically in car shops or garages, and the labor can be strenuous physically.

What is the annual salary for auto body technician?
These figures illustrate the average base wage, also known as core compensation, as well as the average total cash compensation received by workers in the United States who hold the position of Auto Body Technician. The starting pay for an Auto Body Technician may be anywhere from $48,243 to $63,327, with a median starting salary of $54,930 and an average starting salary of $54,930.

What are auto body technicians called?
Automotive body professionals, who are also known as collision repair technicians, are responsible for restoring damaged vehicle exteriors by replacing panels and removing dents.

Is Autobody profitable?
The cost of labor is often the factor that contributes the most significantly to the overall cost of running an auto body business. Labor expenses typically account for between 36 and 44 percent of the total cost of a repair operation. Gross profit margins of between 50 and 65 percent can be generated by such jobs individually.

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How much does an auto body tech make in Florida?
As of the 29th of August in 2022, the normal compensation range for an Auto Body Technician in the state of Florida is between $53,428 and $71,426. The average income for this position is $62,478.

What do you call a person that paint cars?
Depending on the vehicle and the client’s requirement, the auto body painter arranges paint jobs for vehicles before going on to apply color with a brush or a sprayer. Painters of auto bodies often need a high school graduation or its equivalent, and they can acquire the skills necessary for the work through on-the-job training, apprenticeship, or the completion of an appropriate degree program leading to certification.

Is automotive technician hard?
Working as a mechanic requires a lot of physical labor, which may be incredibly challenging at times but can also be extremely gratifying. Some individuals find great satisfaction in activities that require them to be physically active and use their hands. If this describes you, get buckled up and get ready to wrench. If this is not the case, you should give a career as a mechanic serious consideration.

Are auto mechanics happy?
According to the results of a study conducted by the career consultants at, the position of master auto mechanic ranked 104th out of 300 available jobs. The vast majority of mechanics who were polled expressed satisfaction with their jobs.

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